About Avodeli


AvoDELI Brand

The story of AvoDELI is all about choice, convenience, flavour and fun!

Our lifestyles have evolved and gone are the days where we could cook what we wanted everyday to eat at home with our families. Yet often, we still crave those wholesome and delicious African-inspired meals we shared, whether from Limpopo, KZN, the Cape, Zimbabwe or Ethiopia. AvoDELI now offers a wide variety of those mouthwatering gourmet dishes…

Don’t have time to do meal planning for lunch, dinner or a family gathering?
Don’t have time to go through numerous, impersonal supermarket aisles?

AvoDELI does it all for you. Just choose what you feel like eating and we deliver. From our kitchen to yours, with love! 


To be a leading global fulfillment company of premium African food products



AvoDELI is a gourmet food processing company that focuses on quality nutritional products which include:

  • Good value meals-for-one
  • Family meals
  • Braai packages
  • Events packages
  • Classic sauces and condiments

All our food products are made using the finest ingredients from all over Africa –  Morocco in the North, Ivory Coast and Congo in the West, Ethiopia and Tanzania in the East and South Africa and Mozambique in the South. 



AvoDELI is all about people and partnerships – our customers, employees, suppliers, families and communities. These partnerships are built on service, transparency, acceptance and constant information-sharing towards growing and sustaining the reputation of the AvoDELI brand. Cultural diversity and social experiences also form an important cornerstone of AvoDELI. 

Central Processing Kitchen:

Our kitchen follows best-practice manufacturing processes at all times, from sourcing of the products, traceability of all ingredients in the processing process, environment-controlled processing areas to quality packaging which maintains food temperature, texture and taste. 

Distribution and delivery

Our online shopping platform makes it easy and fast to select your meal and we deliver direct to you – or your nearest distribution store. 

Commitment and promise

To listen to our clients’ needs and always put them first.
Ensure that every meal or product you take home has undergone the best-practice manufacturing process we promised.
Never to take for granted the trust you place in AvoDELI, its products, employees and partners.