Sales Specialist

Context and Need for This Position
• AVODELI is a premium African Food company, and operate a Central Kitchen from Alberton,
• It is a new company, and would like to develop and grow sales of ready-to-eat meals, through retail outlets, direct sales, and events.
• AVODELI has decided to advertise for an additional team member, a Sales specialist, to develop and grow customer base.

Overview of the Position
The Sales Specialist focus and responsibility is to achieve maximum sales profitability, growth and sector penetration within selected segments by selling AVODELI products and services through a relationship based approach.
The sales specialist reports to Operations Executive.

Roles and Responsibilities

• Collaborative Leadership
o The Sales Specialist is expected to demonstrate collaborative behaviors in their work with all individuals and potential customers towards growing and maintaining AvoDeli sales and brand.
o The Sales Specialist is to build trust, and hold oneself and others accountable for AvoDeli success.
o Create and manage a value plan for existing customers highlighting profile, share and value opportunities.

• Planning and Management:
o Evaluate the need for and recommend specific resources to help achieve the sales goals (time, money, equipment, materials, facilities, etc)
o Activate sales promotion plan, evaluate and align where necessary in response to environment and client demands.
o Manage client-database for effective and efficient relations, response and pro-active selling.
o Regularly review progress toward plan goals and milestones for regular process meetings, and raise any concerns or challenges to be resolved with the AVODELI team.

• Implementation
o Implement according to sales plan’s goals and milestones
o Coordinate with other AVODELI team members and temporary employees to ensure the success of all campaigns/events.
o Review the quality of the work completed with the AVODELI team on a regular basis to ensure that it meets the goals and milestones
o Participate in all event planning and implementation activities
o Ensure that the needed database records and information are developed and maintained
o At least weekly, evaluate performance against process goals and milestones, and make recommendations for action

• Communications
o Establish a communications process that will ensure that AVODELI team, partners, and customers are kept informed about different events and activities.
o Provide regular progress feedback to AVODELI team on customer needs, problems, interests, competitive activities, and potential for new products and services.
o Submit weekly and monthly report on budget maintenance, existing and new sales campaigns, sales impact analyses, and sales targets and consumer analysis.

• Tertiary qualification
• Certification in sales is preferred

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Experience in sales planning, activation and impact analysis.
• Ability to work with a senior leadership team
• Computer literate in MS Word and customer contact software.
• Understanding of social media and online sales campaign
• Experience in the hospitality industry.
• Business experience in setting priorities, work scheduling, progress monitoring toward company set goals.
• Innovative and creative style to improve sales and create new opportunities.
• Problem-solving

Personal characteristics
• Behave collaboratively on building and sustaining trust, ownership, respect, accountability, and integrity.
• Communicate effectively on diverse platforms, tools and techniques.
• At least 3 years in sales and promotions.
• Experience in sales campaign management.
• Valid drivers license

• Negotiable
• Fixed plus commission.

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